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People Matters is a HR consultancy with deep roots in the discipline of pure headhunting. We are focused on providing our client the best possible candidates for their sought after roles. We are working with the top tier companies within the Nigerian Market and our experienced team of industry experts can help source across both positions and sectors.

We are dedicated to provide the best possible service and will firstly not pick an assignment unless we are of the opinion we can fill it and second we never abandon an assignment once taken.

Our business model is strictly contingency, “no cure no fee”, and we are working both on exclusive as well as in full competition. We do advise our clients against engaging to many recruiters for the same assignments, preferably only one, to avoid distortion in the market, but will not step down from competition.

We are people experts, where we do business people matters, their behaviors, their learning and adapting abilities matters and in most cases to a lot larger extent than the actual skills acquired. We are aware of this fact and try to dig a lot deeper than the traditional skill matching.

Please lets talk about your recruitment needs.

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